Well, some 10th anniversary that was!

After starting 2021 with a flourish with the premiere of Lee Bradshaw’s brilliant arrangement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony for string quintet, things rather fizzled.

The Gypsy and the Wolf was rehearsed and within a few days of hitting the stage when lockdown #? was announced with immediate effect.

I left for what I thought was going to be a month of concerts in Covid-free NZ, but Covid wasn’t far behind me. NZ soon had its own crisis but luckily, I wasn’t at the epicentre in Auckland.

Staying with close friends in Wellington meant that after a short lockdown and during continuing restrictions, it was possible (with an extraordinary amount of admin!) to postpone, reorganise and play 14 trio concerts throughout NZ and then a delayed Martinborough Festival.

I felt very lucky, given the mega-lockdown and mega protests taking place in Melbourne. Sadly, Covid restrictions necessitated the postponement of Goldberg through the Looking Glass too and so our 10th anniversary year ended with a whimper.

I am very grateful to the wonderful family of W&F donors who agreed to redirect their support for the two postponed Melbourne concerts to the re-organised and extended tour in NZ by the Argyle Trio which included 2020 W&F cellist, Matthias Balzat, and NZ pianist, Michael Houstoun (standing in for W&F pianist, Laurence Matheson, who was unable to enter NZ). If all goes according to plan, the original Argyle Trio will play together in 2023 on both sides of the Tasman.

But back to the present!

2022 brings new hope for three of the Coolest Covid Casualties.

The Goldbergs and the Gypsies were all keen to make their concerts happen, and happen they will, fingers crossed.

Bach’s iconic Goldberg Variations arranged for string trio by Sitkovetsky start the season on March 17th closely followed by The Gypsy and the Wolf on April 6th, two divinely beautiful works for string sextet by Mozart and Brahms. The third and last group of the year is another piano trio that started life as W&F guests.

Rock Paper Scissors includes pianist, Yasmin Rowe, and cellist, Yelian He, partners in life and music. We had our MRC concert cancelled so in the spirit of giving Covid casualties a new lease of life, I thought it appropriate for Rock Paper Scissors to round out the season on July 27th with a perfect pairing of sublime Mozart and passionately powerful Shostakovich.

Please join us and support some of Melbourne’s hardest-working and most exciting performers.

– Wilma Smith

2022 Concerts


Dive into the crystalline world of Bach’s Goldberg Variations in the famous arrangement for String Trio.

17 March 2022, 7.30pm – Scotch College

20 March 2022, 8pm – Tempo Rubato

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Mozart and Brahms – two of Vienna’s most beloved sons – and two iconic works.

6 April 2022, 7.30pm – Scotch College

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Mozart’s sunny G major trio is the perfect foil for Shostakovich’s dramatic masterpiece.

23 July 2022, 2.30pm – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

24 July 2022, 8pm – Tempo Rubato

27 July 2022, 7.30pm – Scotch College

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